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Luxury sandwich platters, Party & Working Lunch Buffet delivery

High Quality Buffet delivered in Sussex

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Cold fork buffet

“Delicious!”, Kirstin, SG 


“The lunches have been amazing all week”, Dawn


We offer fresh and tasty food delivered in your offices for your one-off or regular meetings. 

Our working lunch and buffet delivery are perfect for Corporate events as well as Private parties and Weddings. Our drop-off buffet delivery services makes entertaining easy.

The packed full of flavours, freshly made sandwiches, finger food and sweet treats are freshly prepared. They are beautifully presented glass look and slate look platters; to suit your budget, taste and occasion.

For your one-off event to weekly or monthly meeting, the food will be “Delicious” – Kirstin in Hove.

All our buffets delivery include:

  • 4 different exciting homemade sandwich fillings
  • Meat, fish, Vegetarian or Vegan options
  • Made in a selection of freshly baked bread, Speciality breads, bagels, rolls and wraps
  • Vegetarian quiche of the day 
  • All set on luxury platters
  • Luxury disposable napkins and plates
  • Buffet is delivered in cool boxes with ice packs
  • Gluten free options available on request
  • A different menu each day for week long conferences 

Buffet deliveries for lunches from 10 to 1000. 

All our drop-off Buffets are delivered fully trayed in cool boxes, so even after the delivery the food stays in a food safe environment. The cool boxes and platters are picked up dirty later in the day or the following day, at your convenience.

A full list of allergen used in our freshly made menus is available upon request.

July Cold Sandwich Platter Delivery Special

Piri-piri Chicken, Peppers and sour cream wraps( No Mayo)
Roast Beef in our special spice blend, sauerkraut and mustard mayo bagels
Smoked salmon, remoulade and rocket rolls
Somerset brie, roasted cherry tomatoes and rocket V
Mushroom and spinach quiches V

Tuscan chicken skewers with Sicilian lemon, homemade pesto, drizzled with aioli
Lemon and thyme marinated vegetable skewers, drizzled with lemon tahini sauce Vn

Fruit of the forest vanilla crumble tray bake

Chef's Choice Buffet: £10.00, minimum of 20 people

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