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Some Facts about me:

I am a great fan of food history.

I can't get rid of my French accent after over 15 years in the UK and USA.

I speak 5 different languages.

I listen to heavy metal and country music.

I love a mojito under the parasol, bubbly indoors or outdoors, cheese and red wine are my downfall!


Rafika Bouguermat

Founder & Catering Manager


I'm Rafika, founder and catering manager at Buzz events and this is my story...

I’ve been cooking since I could hold a knife properly at 4 years old. As a little girl, I loved cooking with my mum, going to the market, the smell of fresh produce and how she would transform all of her dishes into memorable experiences;

And when I was a bit older, the wines that my dad shared with me and the time he took to explain the aromas and wine matching.

I realised that cooking was my passion at a very early age and started an apprenticeship at 15 at the International Culinary School Gregoire-Ferrandi in Paris while learning cooking hands on at the most sought after Caterers Potel & Chabot. Through dedication and hard work, I made my way up in the catering kitchen, was able to travel and learn international cuisines, languages, fantastic cultures and gratefulness for the gift of wonderful life experiences.

Later on in my career I went on to get a degree in Hospitality Management with Brighton Uni & Infa Chantilly near Paris and moved on to organising events in venues such as the Eiffel Tower, Les Galleries Lafayette and many sumptuous venues and private houses.

During my studies in Brighton, I fell in love with Sussex. The life by the sea, a stone throw away from the stunning country side and all the fresh produce this rich soil has to offer.

Here I am now running a fabulous team of dedicated event professionals.

I am also a Mumpreneur to a gorgeous girl who takes after her mum and loves cooking and sharing food. This means that I am flexible and will do my utmost to fulfil your dream wedding and event. She's become my drive and motivation to make your event an absolute success.

Do get in touch for a chat, a coffee or try some of the food we make!


The Catering Team

With the collaboration of a fantastic team of catering chefs, event managers and professional serving staff, we offer a personalised and expert event experience.

We put all our knowledge and expertise within the event industry as well as a portfolio of reliable contacts in all areas at your disposal; from professionally presenting your guests with mouth watering food to astonishing décor and beyond.

Personal interaction and understanding customer needs is a vital aspect of the service provided within our company to ensure your event is unique.

Our catering team is here at your service.


Integrity, trust and respect are our Ethos. We maintain beneficial business relationships with diverse local suppliers who share our commitment to customer and quality services.

Our Health & Safety credentials:

We are a fully insured catering and event management company.

  • We have up to date Level 3 Certificates in Food Safety and have been awarded 5 from the FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating Scheme:
  • Food hygiene and safety: Food handling practices, cooking, chilling, preventing from cross contamination and temperature control.
  • Structure and cleaning: Cleanliness, layout of the kitchen, condition of the structure, lighting, ventilation, facilities etc…
  • Confidence in management: The track record of the business, attitude at present management towards hygiene and safety, hygiene and food safety technical knowledge available and satisfactory documented procedures (HACCP)