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Catering for Events

Corporate, Networking and more

Do you find that you receive more response when proposing nibbles and drinks at your corporate or networking event?
If you are  considering adding food and beverage during your networking event, we have highlighted a few points to consider when organising catering for events.

– Brand image and values

Are you a cold sausage rolls on disposable platter type company, freshly made with local ingredients canapés served by professional waiters or in between? There is a menu and catering companies for every budget. So while budget is very important considering your brand values and finding a catering company that shares the same is as important

– Time of the event, location and number of guests

The time of your events is obviously to take into consideration, is it a morning, brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon, end of afternoon or evening event?

Do you have the space needed to offer a sit-down meal, or are you tight for space and canapés or bowl food might be the right option? Sometimes tea, coffee and pastries are all that are needed to welcome your guests in the morning. If you are wanting to add more value for the ticket price you may want to consider a traditional English breakfast, either plated or on a buffet which will give more opportunities for your attendees to mingle and talk.

– Budget

Catering companies can sometimes offer you discounts if they can promote their services, obtain a list of your attendees and/or have their logo included in the  invitation, etc…

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