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Moana Vaiana themed Birthday Party

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Moana themed party ideasWhen it was time to decide on the theme of the party for my little treasure's 3rd Birthday party; it was pretty easy as she had enjoyed so much Disney's Moana Vaiana cartoon, she has a book with the songs and pretty much know them all by heart. All she talks about is following off her boat and the bathroom does resemble a sea after she's been in each time!

Scrolling through my phone I found some ideas and with the help of a friend who has a craft business, we organised some beautiful decoration for the party. Jass is truly gifted and her exotic flowers are stunning, she also made a stunning number 3 and one of the beautiful crown Moana displays in the cartoon.

The Buffet:

Regarding the themed buffet, I had so much ideas already so the adults and kids finger buffet menu consisted of:

Classic party food:

A classic spread of sandwiches, pizzas and sausage rolls, bread sticks, cucumber sticks and sour cream dip etc
Fresh pineapple and grapes served in pineapple boats

Moana Vaiana party cake

Moana themed party food:

Tifiti rolls: spinach crepes, lemony cream and smoked salmon lollipops
Tamatoa: cheese and ham, mini croissants filled with cheddar and ham, topped with edible eyes on sticks
Blue sea in a glass: upside down blue coloured vanilla cheesecake topped with edible sea creatures
Pineapple cake pops and Coconut tea cakes

And of course the Moana Birthday cake!

This was the second iced cake I made so it was quite fun ( first one being the Peppa pig theme birthday cake I made for her 2nd birthday last year!) Although it was not perfect it was delicious. Sibylle helped make the vanilla cake too. I filled it with both chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse and decorated it. You'll find the detailed Moana figures wasn't made by yours truly!

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