Valentine’s gift idea

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Valentine’s gift idea

How to Impress Your Valentine After Your Wedding

The magic of a wedding make for memories that last a lifetime, yet when Valentine’s Day follows closely thereafter, that beautiful ceremony often overshadows the day of love. Rather than trying to compete with the romance of your wedding day, try doing something a bit different for your Valentine. When it comes to February 14th, the key to impressing your spouse is putting time, effort, and thought into the gift, and cooking for him or her at home is the perfect example. Especially if you reproduce your wedding meal!

Start by asking your wedding caterers for the recipes of your better half’s favorite dishes from the big day. Most are more than happy to share the information, and requesting their specific recipes ensures that you replicate that beautiful meal perfectly. If you’re unsure in the kitchen, or would rather enjoy the entire meal with your spouse, give the recipes to a private chef and have him or her cook for you that night. And depending on your wedding caterer, the company may have chefs that moonlight as private cooks in their spare time.

No matter which direction you choose, always set the mood. A bouquet of your Valentine’s favorite flowers, a selection of candles, and a small, intimate table are perfect. Add a white table cloth, your finest china, and set the mood with soft music playing in the background. All you need to finish this impressive Valentine’s gift is the dinner itself, a few bottles of wine, and a smile.

Good luck!

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